President Guaidó at the Atlantic Council reiterated that international justice must prosecute those responsible for crimes against humanity committed in Venezuela –

El presidente encargado de Venezuela, Juan Guaidó. | Foto: CCN

In the virtual meeting called: ‘UNGA 75: Reaffirming the World’s Commitment to Venezuela’ organized by ‘The Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center at the Atlantic Council’, the president in charge of the Republic of Venezuela and the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, reiterated this Thursday the call to the international community to judge those responsible for the crimes against humanity that were committed in the country by orders of Nicolás Maduro’s criminal dictatorship.

By CCN – Centro de Comunicación Nacional

Sep 24, 2020

The president began his participation with a call to guarantee justice for the Venezuelan victims.

We must ensure that those who have committed crimes against humanity are brought to justice.”

It is very important that justice be done and that awareness be raised about these crimes,” said Guaidó, who in turn stressed that this is the first time in Latin American history that a “sitting dictator has been accused of crimes against humanity.”

He affirmed that Venezuela is at a “critical” juncture caused by the serious emergence of the coronavirus pandemic and the aggravated persecution, harassment, repression and crimes against humanity committed by the dictatorship.

The Venezuelan president urged the need for immediate international support before waiting to achieve a transition in the country, arguing that “the 7 million Venezuelans who urgently need help should be helped, especially those in other countries.”

“We cannot leave anyone behind. This has become a complex humanitarian situation with a health emergency due to COVID-19 plus the fact that the health system has completely collapsed,” said Venezuela’s interim president.

In his intervention he exalted the democratic transition framework that would provide a political resolution of the crisis in the country and stressed that this mechanism “is not violent and respects the Venezuelan Constitution.” Likewise, he asked the international community to maintain its rejection of the electoral farce and to advocate for free, verifiable and competitive presidential and parliamentary elections.

“We need organizations such as the European Union to monitor the elections since the regime has hijacked the electoral process”, he remarked.

More international pressure

The conversation also counted with the participation of the Special Envoy of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Julio Borges representating the Interim Government, who assured that a strong international pressure is requested for the Holding free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections allowing a transition, responsibility and accountability contra-posed to the justice of Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship.

He recalled the persecution suffered by his comrades, including those tortured and killed. “It is not only them, but thousands of Venezuelans who suffer this persecution. This dictatorship has affected us all”.

The worst thing that could happen in Venezuela is that nothing happens and we get used to more of the same persecution, prosecution and torture of Venezuelans,” he said.

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